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Learning CAQDAS


Our workshops are not only a software workshop, where the program is presented to the participants, we aim to introduce them in the qualitative data analysis helped by the software, and give a bunch of solutions to conduct both the textual and conceptual parts of the analysis.


We perform conferences and workshops in Spanish universities, invited by research groups and departments to teach their researchers on these software tools.


The seminars are structured on three levels:


  • Basic level. A soft introduction to the computer program where you find ideas since qualitative research design, theoretical approach, sample design, building of the instrument, transcription issues and data handling, ending with the project ready to start at the computer program.


  • Introductory level. This seminar allows the participant to set up a project with the software and perform the main textual tasks of the analysis, as data preparation, segmentation of important fragments and coding. Depending on the group we can start introducing conceptual maps, hypertexts or recovery.


  • Advanced level. This workshop is targeted to participants of previous seminars. This workshop is centered on advanced features of the programs. The participant is able to end the analysis, recovering the segments that answer his/her research questions, and presenting these conclusions in a narrative, networking or matrix way. This seminar also presents team working strategies or quality control.
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