CualSoft | Advise on your qualitative analysis
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Advise on your qualitative analysis


In CualSoft we also perform research; we join formal research teams to contribute with our experience on qualitative data analysis and the computer tools that help to perform it productively.


We also join formal research teams when they want and independent qualitative analysis to compare with their analysis. Maybe they have done a quantitative approach and want to triangulate with qualitative approach, or maybe they have done a deductive analysis and wish to have a look at an inductive analysis to compare both.


CualSoft is not a company we are an adhocratic group of professionals that join on each task, perform it, and disjoin after the task.


CualSoft is lead by Dr. Antoni Casasempere senior sociologist experienced on qualitative data analysis methods, computer tools, and development of resilience on immigrant children. Casasempere coordinates all the professionals, members of CualSoft Team, and, is the main responsible of all the activities, tasks and the philosophy of the Group.


CualSoft has a proactive philosophy, we aim to offer always the better solution to our clients and help them to perform their tasks in an ethical environment, far away from standard commercial philosophy.

CualSoft is the final goal of our efforts; we invest the most of our benefits on our project. We started eleven years ago with a big curiosity about the qualitative research analysis and we have grown digging into the deepness of analysis.


If you need further information about us and our services, feel free to contact and share your ideas and needs.


 I am PhD student in one of the top UK universities. For the past 2 years, I had difficulties constructing a strong theoretical framework as well as building a sound methodological argument. I was very confused and stressed about the outcome of my research. These problems were fortunately solved when I contacted Dr.Antoni Casasempere at cualsoft consultancy services. His step by step advice helped me overcome many of the problems I was facing in my thesis. I strongly recommend everyone facing similar problems to use cualsoft consultancy services!

“There’s only one thing that all the successful companies in the world have in common: None was started by one person.” Ernesto Sirolli

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